CH&B is now part of JPL.

In April, 2017, Campbell, Harrington & Brear was acquired by JPL, one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest independent, full-service, marketing agencies. Read the release to learn more.


  • Brand, Marketing and Communication Management

  • Web/Interactive Services

  • Creative Services

  • Integrated Media Planning


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Cups O' Coffee


We say we’re like the agency down the hall, because … well … that’s what we’re like.

If you want to spend big city dollars on big city arrogance, while dealing with big city hassles – despite the clear sense that you are not a high-priority client – that’s your choice. But we offer a refreshing alternative for growth-minded companies. You call. We answer. You talk. We listen. You ask. We do. It’s that simple. Oh, we’ll do it our way, with that unmistakable CH&B blend of insight, experience and ingenuity. But you’ll be delighted and good things will follow. That’s why they call them partnerships, isn’t it?