11 May CH&B Achieves Global Recognition for Hilton Harrisburg’s Restaurant Launch Strategy

Hilton Hotels and Resorts has more than 550 hotels across six continents. Each year, a corporate awards program recognizes the best of the best within the Hilton franchise. So it was especially satisfying to learn that our dual launch of 1700 Degrees Steakhouse and Ad Lib Craft Kitchen and Bar was named by the iconic chain as 2014’s Best Launch Marketing Campaign in North and South America, and one of its top four globally, placing Hilton Harrisburg among the hottest hotel properties in the world.

The creative process can be elusive and unpredictable. Many firms, including ours, strive to apply a disciplined “process” to their work. But with each creative assignment that crosses our doors, a unique set of circumstances comes with it, introducing the possibility that the “process” gets derailed. In this case, construction delays wreaked havoc on scheduling efforts, while a concurrent process of conducting trademark searches and registrations was taking place, leaving open the possibility that a last minute name change would be required.

Our firm has always been known for great design work, and when great design is perfectly executed with a solid strategy, a clear understanding of the business objectives and great teamwork – well, everyone wins.

We started with the objectives, articulating the business needs that our work would address:

• To launch two hot new restaurant concepts to the marketplace.
• To differentiate these restaurants from their competitors, as well as from each other.
• To generate immediate revenue for the Hilton property.
• To overcome any perceived stigma as related to “hotel restaurants.”
• Portray high-end, high quality food and service for both restaurants.

Allan Pettit
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