10 Dec CH&B Launches the Most Interesting Campaign in York

Campbell, Harrington & Brear has just unveiled a brief outdoor teaser campaign, featuring a big, bold image of our intrepid leader Mel Campbell in a playful tribute to iconic advertising messages.

York area motorists, upon seeing Mel’s mug on digitaBillboardl boards bearing messages like “The Most Interesting Man in York,” “Campbell is M’m, M’m Good!” and “Got Mel?”, can learn more by visiting YorkAdMan.com.

That landing page explains how CH&B, “like the best advertising, stands the test of time.”

And with nearly 40 years of great advertising and marketing results under our belt, we can stand behind that claim.

The page also takes a stab at explaining why Mel just might be among the most interesting men in York. At the very least, he stands among them. Heck, how many people do you know who have spent the afternoon schmoozing with George Harrison during a rain storm in Watkins Glen?

It’s all in fun, of course, but it has the more serious purpose of getting people to jump over to CH&B’s new website. Here, as you may have already noticed, we lay it all out – the work, the energy, the people and the creative drive that Mel first introduced in 1978 and continues through his hand-picked team today.

Why not put that creative power and expertise to work for your brand? Contact us today!

Photo by Ken Bruggeman, Campbell, Harrington & Brear

Angela Wenner
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