04 Apr Our New Site Marks a New Era

Welcome to our dynamic new website, a huge step forward in architecture, navigation and design. Not only is it immediately and profoundly more engaging than our previous site, it does a better job of communicating our brand, our range of services and, yes, our web development expertise.

Functionally, it’s more user-friendly, more intuitive, so it’s not only easier to navigate, it’s more enjoyable to peruse.

It’s responsive, too, which means it adapts to any device – be it tablet, phone, laptop or desktop – and delivers the same great look and positive navigation experience.

Despite its intricate front end, its back end is so simple, anyone can freshen up content. Anyone. And because it’s built on the latest version of WordPress, it’s not only secure, it’s eminently expandable, so it’s sure to meet our every need going forward.

Finally, and most importantly, it clearly conveys that we’re way more than compelling graphics and meaningful words: We’re a valuable strategic resource with the broad-based capabilities necessary to help our partners grow.

Look around. We think you’ll like it.

And if you find yourself thinking your site could use a new look, fresh content that is easily updateable, and responsive design, give us a call.


Allan Pettit
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