08 Nov Your Friend’s Cousin May be Great, But Trust Your Brand to Experts

In our nearly 40 years as an advertising agency, we have frequently encountered clients who, for various reasons, decide that they can handle a certain marketing project in-house. Perhaps the CEO’s nephew is “a decent photographer,” or a friend’s cousin “does websites on the side,” or the administrative assistant recently got some new software so “she can do the design part.” While it is tempting for businesses to save costs this way, what we’ve found is that the final product typically fails to meet one or all criteria that are required for success.

That nephew with the camera? He did hustle and get the photos taken, but, unfortunately, the images are unusable because they were captured at a low resolution and are unsuitable for print purposes.

The friend’s cousin? Well, the website is up and running, but he stuffed the content with keywords in an attempt to manipulate the site’s ranking and now the site is nowhere close to page one in search.

And that admin (whom everybody loves, by the way)? She did the brochure design using cute clip art and her favorite shade of purple. Enough said.

You get the picture. Design and advertising success does not come easily.  And using in-house or non-professional resources for the most tangible aspects of your brand – the ones that potential customers see, feel and use to make buying decisions – can come at a very high cost.

The same principle applies to us. We know our strengths, and we know when it is best to outsource to trusted partners. For example, when it comes to videography, we know there are people who have the equipment, expertise, and resources to deliver a final product that, through collaboration with our team, can be produced cost effectively and bring a creative vision to life.

For York College of Pennsylvania, we selected a videography partner who not only brought our vision to life, but did so while navigating countless unseen obstacles and unexpected challenges. Like blizzards. Locked doors. Late actors. Light reflections. Lurking passers-by. Rumbling mowers.

What does our agency team bring to the table? First, a crystal clear understanding of the brand’s key message(s), audience(s), and business strategy. Then, copywriting that captures the message(s) in a relatable, perfectly timed, engaging script. Storyboards that illustrate the key visual elements that will make the spots effective and compelling.  We provide the creative leadership that shepherds the brand through sound, light, color, and other decisions that impact the quality of the final product. We lead the orchestration of people, places and things that must work in harmony in order to finish on schedule.

GET SMART AND SAVEUltimately, the agency holds the responsibility for the final product, of course, but also for each stage of the production process from planning to execution. In a nutshell:  Insight + Creativity + Facilitation + Leadership.

To understand the synergy that comes from creative collaboration and professional production methods, view the behind-the-scenes footage here and here that was captured during our two video shoots on the York College of Pennsylvania campus this year. Then view one of the finished spots. The seamless execution that you see is the result of well-conceived, creative ideas brought to life with talented people who knew their individual roles in the process and had the right tools to efficiently bring those ideas to the finish line. A lot of people. And a lot of tools.

This campaign is currently running in select markets on video platforms where potential college students consume their media.

Facing a marketing challenge?  Weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing? Give us a call to discuss. Most likely, we can solve your challenge more quickly and cost-effectively than you’ll be able to do yourself, and with a creative vision that will inspire and delight you and your target audiences.

Angela Wenner
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