About Our Company


Founded in 1978, Campbell, Harrington & Brear is a full-service advertising agency located in York, PA.

Our collective experience spans some of the most venerable B2B and B2C brands in the world.

That’s because our insight-based strategies rely on new and traditional tactics for a single purpose: Positive results our clients can see, feel and touch … meaningful, measureable, objectives-based results.

At CH&B, we immerse ourselves in research – the specialized and unrelenting work of digging for those deeper truths upon which all great and successful brand strategies stand.

By developing a clearer understanding of the brand, brand perception and target audiences, we are able to craft stronger, more resonant messages that truly connect.

Our media group then assesses the various media/connection points that will deliver the most positive results, the greatest efficiencies and the best ROI.

During our more than 35 years, we have mastered a wide and ever-growing arsenal of communication alternatives for reaching and influencing audiences around the corner, or around the world.

Call us. Let us help grow your business.


An agency is the sum of its people – their experience, their insight, their creativity, and their daily willingness to push beyond the good to seize the great. By those metrics, our team adds up to something really special.

Yes, we have our talented young guns at the forefront of technology and all things digital, but we have much more, too. An incredibly experienced and passionate team with a shared commitment to provide the marketing communications expertise and guidance that our clients need to succeed.

We’re the agency down the hall. The team that’s called upon to help solve the toughest challenge; to meet the tightest deadline; to ferret out the single most effective message and to massage it into “THE” big idea; and to deliver measurable results when results are the only thing that matter.

Here are some of the key people ready to do all that for your brand.

Favorite Movie: Last of the Mohicans
Favorite Hobby: Fly fishing
Favorite Book: Forever, Pete Hamill
Favorite Meal: Lamb chops, spinach soufflé, Crown Royal
Favorite Pastime: Working on the farm
Favorite Addiction: Cars
Favorite Drink: Crown Royal on the rocks

Mel Campbell Jr.


Favorite Hobby: Golf
Favorite Meal: Surf and turf with wedge salad
Favorite Pastime: Hiking/river walking with my kids and dogs
Favorite Place: Snowbird, Utah
Favorite Name to be Called: ``Dad``
Favorite Drink: Diet Coke
Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction

Jim Perkins

Executive Vice President, Managing Director

Favorite Artist: Don Troiani
Favorite Designers: Kit Hinrichs and Woody Pirtle
Favorite Pastime: Working in my studio
Favorite Hobby/Obsession: American Civil War history/artifacts
Favorite Travel Destination: America’s National Parks
Favorite Food: Crabcakes
Favorite Movie: National Lampoon's Vacation

Mark Leinaweaver

Creative Director, Designer

Favorite Social Media: Instagram
Favorite Office Supply: Binder clips
Favorite Possession: Shakey, my 1978 VW Camper Bus
Favorite Yard Waste: Pine needles
Favorite Vitamin: C
Favorite Punctuation: Exclamation point!!!

Angela Wenner

Account Director

Favorite Smell: My grandma's at Thanksgiving
Favorite Sound: My son's belly laugh
Favorite Quote: ``Too weird to live, too rare to die`` -- Hunter S. Thompson
Favorite Animal: Bunny
Favorite thing I can't live without: Lotion
Favorite Friend: Brian Heilman

Kris Heilman

Art Director

Favorite Fine Artist: Casey Baugh
Favorite Quote: Keep moving forward.
Favorite Time of Day: Morning. That space between sleep & fully awake
Favorite Childhood Cartoon: Thundercats
Favorite Car: 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB
Favorite Food: All of the food

Ken Bruggeman


Favorite Bands: The Replacements, Wilco, The Hold Steady
Favorite Sports Teams: Philadelphia Eagles, Tottenham Hotspur, Philadelphia 76ers
Favorite Stress Reliever: Cooking
Favorite Stress Inducer: Golfing
Favorite Social Media Platform: Twitter
Favorite Podcasts: Men in Blazers, Firewall & Iceberg, Radiolab

Mike Fagan

Director of Media Strategies

Favorite Drink: Mojito
Favorite 1963 Movie: It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
Favorite Beatle Record: Rubber Soul
Favorite Bird: American Goldfinch
Favorite Candy: Dark chocolate
Favorite Cut Flower: Gladioli

Lisa Forry

Office Manager

Favorite Word: Sesquipedalian
Favorite Book: Carter Beats the Devil, Glen David Gold
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Movie: Death to Smoochy
Favorite Baldwin: Alec
Favorite Favorite: Food

Dan Herman

Web Developer

Favorite Cookie: Double Chocolate Milano
Favorite Book: Peace Like a River by Leif Enger
Favorite Mind-Numbing Time-Suck: Sudoku
Favorite Neil Young Album: Everybody Knows This is Nowhere and On the Beach (tie).
Favorite Meal: Bacon and eggs
Favorite Muppet: Elmo

Allan Pettit

Copy/PR Director


There are no toes in the water here. This is full-immersion marketing: A deep dive into every challenge, applying our unique amalgam of experience and passion to deliver the insight that drives the strategy that makes the brand soar.

Our full-service media group then implements and manages your paid, owned and earned media through converged media strategies that align content across multiple channels, bringing a consistent message, look and feel to your brand … wherever, whenever and however it is encountered.

With more than 35 years of media expertise, our experience and long-standing relationships in the Mid-Atlantic and PA markets bring you measurable, cost-effective, cross-media programs that produce results.

And the creative services? They’re more than fresh, they’re powerful, engaging and, best of all, effective. Demonstrably so.

  • Brand, Marketing and Communication Management

    • Brand Development/Refinement
    • Strategic Marketing & Business Planning
    • Integrated Campaign Development, Deployment & Measurement
    • Client Management/Stewardship
    • Lead Generation/Revenue Programs
    • Public Relations
    • Crisis Communications Planning & Response

  • Web/Interactive Services

    • Mobile-friendly/Responsive Development
    • Front-end Development
    • UX Design and Architecture
    • Wireframing
    • Content Management Systems & Training
    • Web Application Development
    • E-Commerce Solutions
    • Website Analytics
    • Website Hosting

  • Creative Services

    • Design & Brand Identity
    • Creative Concepts
    • Online/Digital Display Ads
    • Visual Design/Mood Boards
    • Web/Mobile/Digital Design
    • Content Strategy/Copywriting
    • Broadcast & Motion
    • Print/Out-of-home
    • Photography

  • Integrated Media Planning

    • Paid Media
    • Earned Media
    • Owned Media