Preventech: Marketing for Start-ups…Packaging to Product Launches

Building Market Share thru Advertising, PR, and Strategic Planning

One day in the mid-90s, a key executive in a very large dental manufacturing concern decided to indulge his entrepreneurial dreams.  He started Preventive Technologies, Inc. (Preventech®), a company dedicated to bringing innovation to the development of preventive care products focused on dental disease prevention.

Today, almost two decades later, Preventech has elbowed its way into several competitive categories with excellent products for dentists and dental hygienists across the United States … NEXT prophy paste, Pivot disposable prophy angles, Vella sodium fluoride varnish, and other well-positioned products.  Through robust research and product development, sound marketing and strong advertising, Preventech has created a dynamic brand reputation for products that perform to the highest standards in the industry.

Having been Preventech’s advertising/marketing partner from its inception, we take pride in the company’s steady and often remarkable growth. Our role has been integral, from branding to strategic planning to product launches. We have been responsible for all advertising, packaging and PR and have helped the company inform and persuade hygienists and dentists alike with sound, creative, on-point messaging.

As a result, Preventech has competed well against some very powerful brands in various product lines, carving out an 11 percent share of the overall in-office preventive market. Included are Preventech’s 12 percent share of the disposable prophy angle market and an 11 percent share of the prophy paste market – earned despite the presence of an industry behemoth that owned an 82 percent share when Preventech threw its hat in the ring.